BRAHMS ON THE PIANO – VOLUME 1 / Fiammetta Tarli & Ivo Varbanov, piano four hands

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Johannes Brahms (1833 – 1897)

  • Walzer Op. 39
  • Liebeslieder Walzer Op. 52a
  • Neue Liebeslieder Walzer Op. 65a

Brahms on the piano – volume 1

Fiammetta Tarli & Ivo Varbanov, piano four hands


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The performance of Fiammetta Tarli and Ivo Varbanov are consistently stylish and enjoyable: these musicians resist the temptation to over-inflect this music, but they are always alert to details and always find an attractive range of colour on a beautiful and characterful modern piano by the Bayreuth firm Steingraeber…It is a splendid IRR debut from the new ICSM label. – Nigel Simone, IRR

A dizzying experience… Husband and wife Ivo Varbanov and Fiammetta Tarli bring sparkle and swing…on…the first outing on their new label.Stephen Pritchard, The Observer

Si respira un’aria di domestica intimita` nell’approccio alla musica di Fiammetta Tarli ed Ivo Varbanov, un po’ perche? utilizzano un grancodaSteingraeber & Sohne dalle sonorita` vecchio stile, calde e ruvide, un po’ perche? fraseggiano in modo affabile, quasi colloquiale, con un tocco non troppo elaborato, come ai valzer brahmsiani ben si conviene. Del resto essere compagni nella vita, oltre che alla tastiera, aiuta ad entrare in sintonia con lo spirito dell’Hausmusik romantica. – Luca Segallo, Musica

Simple and subtle approach of Varbanov/Tarli…Their subtle use of rubato, of agogic accents, of pause and breath belie that they are two separate performers playing here, so in tune, so in sync are their conceptions of this music. This is, simply put, Brahms as it should be played.—Scott Noriega, Fanfare